One a Day

One A Day is a positivity journaling platform, for people dealing with mental health issues. It is a passion project born from the need to build a safe space for people on their path to recovery from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions and other mental health issues.

There is still some stigma around mental health and it is not always easy to share your experiences with people who have never experienced the same problems. This is I am committed to build a safe space where users can share their daily achievements with others, who understand their struggles and a community of people who support each other on their journeys.

I started development of One a Day in December 2021, collaborating with Wiktoria Romek, who was responsible for designs and user interviews. After some initial research we agreed on the feature set for the MVP:

  • User registration and login
  • Adding posts with optional images
  • Ability to mark posts as private
  • Feed with posts from other users
  • Option to follow/unfollow other users
  • User profile
  • Notifications section
  • Private chat for users
  • Reminders to keep up daily practice

The app is developed using Xamarin Forms, with the API written in .NET Core and hosted in Azure. I have also created a product page using Gatsby, React and Netlify.

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