Just launched my mental health app

Hi everyone, I wanted to share my latest project and talk about the reasons for making it.

One a Day is a gratitude and positivity platform for people struggling with their mental health. It offers a safe space where we can practice gratitude and celebrate our achievements, no matter how small.

When dealing with mental health issues, we encounter problems, which we think should be trivial to solve. We get frustrated thinking "Why am I like this!?" or we compare ourselves to others thinking "This should be easy, everyone can do it". Even when we manage to do something hard, we often don't give ourselves credit, but rather shoot ourselves down thinking "It wasn't that hard" or "I should have done this a long time ago".

These thoughts contributes to further feelings of shame, guilt and isolation. We don't appreciate ourselves for the good things. We feel unworthy of praise. We don't want to open up to people thinking they wouldn't understand, or worse, they'd scoff at us. We keep fuelling our depression, anxiety, eating disorders, you name it.

I've been there. To be honest, I still am. This is why I decided to build One a Day. To find others like me. To help them and to get help myself. To tackle those issues by building a community where we all support each other on our path to recovery by practicing gratitude and making that One small step a Day.

If you were so kind as to give my app a go, and let me know your thoughts, whether it’s around the idea, the technical aspects, usability, or anything else, I would be extremely grateful. Or if it's not for you, perhaps you know someone who would benefit from it. In that case, please pass it on.

I hope it can grow into something meaningful.

Thank you!

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